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6.    Memento mori. Avenarius, 2014.

Short Stories:
1.    Dream and other Mystical Stories. Tallinn, KPD, 2003.

Translated Works:
1.    Penelope prend un bain. Belfond, Paris, 2002, translation into French by Luba Jurgenson
2.    Penelope, die Listenreiche. Rowohlt-Berlin, 2002, translation into German by Gabriele Leupold
3.    Penelope. Siruela, Madrid, 2003, translation into Spanish by Victor Andresco
4.    Penelope. Contact, Amsterdam-Antwerpen, 2001, translation into Dutch by Aai Prins.
5.    Helena. Faatum, 2003, translation into Estonian by Kalle Kasper.
6.    Journey to the Brilliant Peaks. Collected Short Stories. LR, 2006, translation into Estonian by Kalle Kasper.
7.    Memento mori, Tuum, 2013, translation into Estonian by Kalle Kasper

Fantasy Novels
1.    The Gospel According to Mark. Second Version. Tallinn, Solo, 2007.
2.    Beta Fourth.  Tallinn, Solo, 2008.
3.    Seek the Mountains. Tallinn, Solo, 2008.
4.    Forget the Past. Tallinn, Solo, 2010.
5.    Happiness on Earth. Tallinn, Solo, 2011.
6.    It All Depends on You. Tallinn, Solo, 2012
7.    Gamma Second. Tallinn, Solo, 2013.

1.    My Unfinished Palace. Collection of poems. Jerevan, Sovetakan Groh, 1990.

1.    The Tomb Stone. Arvest, Jerevan, 1988. Premiered 14 March, 1999 at the Alex Manoogian Centre of Culture, Paris, directed by Arby Ovanessian.
2.    Cassandra. (co-author Kalle Kasper, manuscript).
3.    Cecile is dead. Script for a 6-part TV series based on the novel by Georges Simenon. ETV, 1995 (co-author Kalle Kasper), producer Villem Indrikson.

1.    Gioachino Rossini and his Opera Libretos. Digira, 2012 (co-author Kalle Kasper).